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Dealer: Sutherland Welles Finishes

CSWoods is a dealer for Sutherland Welles Finishes

Sutherland Welles is a maker of premium quality, polymerized tung oil wood finishes. We have been using their products for years. Their products are sustainable, natural & earth-friendly. We currently have the following products for sale in our Denver warehouse.

We are happy to provide customer support for Sutherland Welles. The Sutherland Welles website is also an invaluable resource.

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Wood Finishes Retail Price List
Botanical PTO low lustre-quart $55.00
Botanical PTO medium lustre-quart $54.00
Botanical PTO high lustre-quart $53.00
Murdoch’s Uralkyd 500 satin-gallon $156.00
Murdoch’s Uralkyd 500 satin-quart $54.00
Murdoch’s Uralkyd 500 gloss-gallon $149.00
Murdoch’s Uralkyd 500 gloss-quart $53.00
Murdoch’s Uralkyd 500 matte-gallon $160.00
Murdoch’s Uralkyd 500 matte-quart $56.00
Murdoch’s Hard Sealer-gallon $120.00
Murdoch’s Hard Sealer-quart $44.00
Murdoch’s Hard Oil-gallon $135.00
Murdoch’s Hard Oil-quart $48.00
Millie’s All Purpose oil-quart $50.00
Exterior PTO Sealer-gallon $121.00
Exterior PTO Sealer-quart $40.00
Di-Citrusol-gallon $97.00
Di-Citrusol-quart $44.00
Old World Stain-all colors quart $29.00
Anchorseal-gallon $56.00
Anchorseal-quart $26.00

Finish Example

Murdoch’s Uralkyd 500 gloss

Sutherland Welles Murdoch’s Uralkyd 500 gloss by CSWoods


Finish Example:

Murdoch’s Uralkyd 500 satin

Murdoch’s Uralkyd 500 satin on a black walnut live edge bar top by CSWoods


New Products!

We are now carrying:
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A product for food safe applications including cutting boards and turned bowls.


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Check out the Do-It-Yourself Wood Finishing Instructional Videos from Sutherland Welles Ltd.

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