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Black walnut is a heavy, strong wood defined by its rich deep browns and beautiful figure. The lumber has natural color variation ranging from dark to lighter browns with blond or white sapwood. Walnut is most often kiln dried, and can be steamed during that process. Steaming walnut evens out the color contrast throughout by darkening the material to a more monochromatic brown. Unsteamed walnut maintains more dramatic color variations and characteristics. Both types often have beautiful grain structure, and are much sought after. Check out our slabs and sap free, custom cut and graded lumber below.

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Unsteamed Black Walnut - 8/4 x 5" to 9" x 8' to 10'
Some sapwood, few knots, light end checking
190 bf - $9.55 per bf - Inventory #6743

4/4 Black Walnut - 7" to 13" x 7' to 14'
rought cut, some sapwood, some end checking, some wane
300 bf - $10.50 per bf - Inventory #7305

Unsteamed Black Walnut - 12/4 x 3" x 2.5' to 3'
Table legs
15 bf - $11.34 per bf - Inventory #5785

Unsteamed Black Walnut - 8/4 x 10.5" to 12.5" x 8'
95% clear, little end checking and light surface checking
$10.40 per bf - Inventory #5784

Unsteamed Black Walnut Set - 4/4 x 9" to 11" x 5' to 11'
Few knots, Bookmatch
20.5 bf - $9.45 per bf - Inventory #5789

Unsteamed Black Walnut - 4/4 to 4.5" x 5.5"x 10' to 13'
Some knots -
$7.25 per bf - Inventory #5778

10/4 Black Walnut Set - 36.5" to 42.25" x 7.4'
2 live edges with bark pattially attached, some end checking
60 bf - $22.02 per bf - Inventory #6329

10/4 Black Walnut Set - 40.25" to 47" x 7.5'
2 live edges with bark partially attached,heavy end checking at one end, some surface checking
69 bf - $22.02 per bf - Inventory #6331

4/4 Unsteamed Black Walnut Set - 11" to 13.5" x 5.5' x 11.5'
Select and better. Heartwood face. KD. Very few knots. Some water marks. Very little sapwood.
127 bf - $9.95 per bf - Inventory #5173

10/4 Crotch Black Walnut Set - 35" to 72" x 3.5' to 6'
15 slabs - All with 2 live edges and bark partially attached
$14.04 to $22.04 per bf - Inventory #7237 to #7251

NEW! Black Walnut Boule Cut Logs
These logs just arrived! Check back soon to see us open them up and check out the figure!

4/4 to 10/4 Jacket Boards and Natural Edged Black Walnut Slabs
most with two natural edges, bark attached, bark inclusions, some sapwood, various figures available
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SALE PRICE: $9.99 per BF

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Walnut - From Nut to Table
Walnut includes 21 species and can be found across continents from Europe to Japan, from Canada down to California and south again to Argentina. It is a deciduous species ranging in height from 30 to130 feet. It is dense and has a tight grain with colors from whites in the sapwood to a dark chocolate in the heartwood. Walnut is difficult to dry properly, but once dry, it is remarkably stable.

The most cultivated walnut tree, J. regia, commonly called English walnut (but also sometimes called French) because English merchants marine once controlled its world commerce, produces the best variety of nut. Making up the largest orchard in the world (located in Iran), this tree had been integral in the development of walnut lumber because of both its popular nut and its adaptability. It was imported to California more than a century ago, and has changed both the native forest landscape and the timber industry.

There are three native North American walnut trees used for lumber: the central and eastern American black walnut, J. nigra, the Nothern Californian black walnut, J. hindsii, (also known as Claro - named Hinds Walnut by the British botanist Richard B. Hinds in the middle 1800s), and butternut (J. cinerea). English walnut was introduced to California through orchards and city planners. Because the Claro/Hinds walnut was better adapted to the soil and climate conditions of the area, and it had a naturally vigorous, disease-resistant, and drought tolerant rootstock, it became widely used as a rootstock for English walnut orchards. The resulting grafted tree is often referred to as California English walnut or “Paradox”, named by Luther Burbank who conducted some of the first grafting/breeding experiments within the walnut species in 1879 to 1885. The section below the original graft remains Claro while the section above is the lighter-colored English walnut. Some woodworkers have taken advantage of this by using the change in color of the wood as part of their work.

CSWoods currently has Claro and American Black walnut stock. Our Claro walnut comes from native Hinds walnut planted by city developers around 100 years ago. These trees have become old, and are ready to be removed to make way for new planting. The American Black walnut stock is from Pennsylvania and Minnesota. Each region has a distinctive looking version of J. nigra due to environmental adaptation. We also are carrying English/French walnut gunstocks. Check out our species searches on the website to see availability and photos of the above mentioned.
Varity of Walnut Lumber Grains including curly, straight, feather, ribbon, and birdseye.