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We would like to thank everyone who has been willing to share their projects with us. If you are a client of ours and would like to let us show off your work, please contact Alana at If you have been included here and would like to change your entry in any way, please also feel free to contact me at the above address. If you are looking for a woodworker, we would be happy to recommend someone for your project.

Alex Mirich
High Country Workshop - Buena Vista, Colorado

Alex came and dug through the stacks at CSWoods to hand pick the bubinga plank that became this beautiful bed. We then kiln dried the slab, and resawed it into panels for him. The bed is made entirely of bubinga with the exception of the lacewood inlays in the panels. The structural components were cut from three 8/4 consecutive flat sawn boards. The panels were veneered from a beautiful 10/4 slab of curly Bubinga which was dried in your new kiln. The veneers were sanded and vacuum pressed onto Baltic Birch ply.

Alex says: “A retired engineer after 40 years with General Electric, I decided to form the High Country Workshop in the mountains of Colorado about five years ago, so that I could continue to keep busy and cover some of the material and labor costs. Some 30 years ago, I actually started doing stained glass projects first, but quickly saw the need for another media to fill in the gaps between glass projects. I started with a Vienna Regulator wall clock and haven't stopped making furniture since.

There are two wish lists that I try to maintain under some semblance of control: the Christmas list and the Big Project list. The former contains requests for cutting boards, serving trays, jewelry and recipe boxes, etc. It's very easy to manage these tasks. The latter list, however is much more challenging and is part of the reason why I continue to visit the CSW facility: to find better and more varied sources of material to use for my ever growing Big Project list items.”

Michael Schraud
Kumbengo Koras and RBI Drums -
Jaroso, CO

Kumbengo Koras uses a variety of species including chak de biga, bubinga, redheart, and tiger maple in the creation of their Koras. Koras are a West African stringed instrument with 21 strings and are in the family of bridge harps or harp-lutes. RBI Drums builds both African and Latin style hand drums such as Djembes, Ashikos, DunDuns, and Congas. The drums are mahogany.

Rick Hammans

Rick lives in the Lyons, CO. He is currently focusing his woodworks skills on custom heirloom rocking chairs. This rocking chair is tiger Maple and has walnut accents in the head rest and rockers.

Dale Nelson
Paragon Woodworking

Dale lives in the Vail, CO area and specializes in custom furniture, casework and all interior woodwork. He built this curly maple cradle for his first child.

Dan Lankford - Luthier

Dan, a lifelong artist in many mediums, is currently concentrating on renaissance style eight course lutes and their cases. This lute is made of curly maple, walnut, and cedar.

Gary Bazanele

Gary is a Southern Colorado native living in Pueblo West. He recently finished this Grandfather clock made entirely out of sycamore. Eric, a member of CSWoods' great sales staff, helped him hand select the lumber. Gary also made this beautiful curly cherry dresser from an earlier purchase. It uses an aniline dye mix for the darker pieces, and is finished with CSWoods' specially blended Land Ark Oil finish.


Art Owens - Turner

Art created this bowl from one of our salesperson's favorite inventory pieces. The species is known as jabim, fish poison tree, or Jamaica dogwood. The wood is heavy and very resistant to decay. Art studied up on the species and shared with us that the root bark extracts can be used as an analgesic and antispasmodic. Leaves and bark were used by the Mayans to make a compound which stunned fish. When stunned, they floated to the water surface and could easily be caught! Art says "I have now made about 40 bowls from all kinds of wood. The jabim bowl is my favorite so far."


Don Burge -

Don is a long way from his childhood of pilfering of scraps of pine from construction sites for whittling projects. He now uses exotic woods, and produces unique structural pieces that reflect his feeling that “design often evolves as the work proceeds,” leading to whimsical engineering designs.

Westwoods of Boulder
Kerry Stoen - Boulder, CO

This live edged walnut table is an example of how Westwoods has been combining old world craftsmanship with original design for 30 years.

  Ethan Hutchinson

Ethan's exemplary work shows how the natural beauty of wood can be an asset in contemporary design. “When I work in wood I am always aware of the special relationship that I have with this organic, “living” material. I embrace the opportunity to coax out the beauty I see in every piece of wood.” - Ethan Hutchinson

Allan Longroy and John E Viselli - pommelle sapele box with holly

Scott Ernst - La Cueva, New Mexico

Scott Ernst lives in La Cueva, New Mexico. His business, Scott Ernst Custom Woodworks, designs and handcrafts custom furniture projects using the finest domestic and imported hardwoods.

Robbie Williams - Carbondale
Distinguished Boards & Beams

These reclaimed teak pieces are part of a living room set including cabinets, a buffet, and a table.

Capsize Design - Denver, CO

This burl coffee table, with trunk section legs, is an example of Capsize's unique furniture. They focus on modern, clean, customized, usable designs.

White - Durango & Pueblo, CO

These maple burl "shelves" are real eye catchers. The burl cap offers a natural and complementary environment to display nature’s wonders, while the burl slab shows off its great figure, and draws your eye up to the trophy display.

Michael Kaplan - New Mexico

This Asian inspired walnut cabinet shows a great mix of classic styling, paired with modern clean lines. The large front panels really show off the grain of the wood, and the joinery has been done in a way that enhances the design of the piece.
This cabinet, built to store motorcycle gear, is a modern interpretation of a Tansu. Species include shedua, mesquite and syacmore.

Brian Fireman - Asheville, NC

"Tamarind Cabinet" - Brian's inspiration comes from both his extensive travels and a fascination with structural design. This cherry and walnut cabinet demonstrates how an unusual pairing of woods lends itself to a unique and inspired design, and the complementary grain structures in differing colors can enhance each other. The cabinet features dovetail joints, recessed pocket doors of book matched quilted cherry and custom pulls of acid-etched wrought iron.

David Struempler - Carbondale, Colorado

David Struempler is based in Carbondale, Colorado. He is known for his beautiful marquetry images. His pieces are characterized by the use of highly figured hardwoods, simple, clean lines, meticulous craftsmanship and artful design.

Ted Shuck - Centennial, CO

Ted built this cherry and hackberry desk for his son. All of the work was done with hand tools, and no power tools were used. An article that details the process and includes some great photos of the material, tools and progression of the work are available here.

Larry Lefner

Larry Lefner is a talented sculptor who enjoys working with a variety of colorful and exotic grained hardwoods. His work includes both architectural work and display pieces. He owns Woody Creek Art Studio which exhibits local and international art; and showcases his own eclectic sculpture.

Christopher A. Pine - Denver, Colorado

Chris writes: I developed my love of woodworking partly from my step dad. He was a cabinet maker and remodeled homes for a living. I have a small shop in my home and enjoy different avenues in wood, woodturning, furniture, toy making etc. I am a member of the Colorado Woodworkers Guild and serve as their treasurer. I have learned a lot from the members of this organization, and I do enjoy there company very much.

Boykin Pearce Associates
Denver, Colorado

Tom Pearce and Dave Boykin combine over 50 years of expertise in the field of custom furniture making and woodworking. Their forte has been the design and fabrication of the finest in heirloom quality hardwood furniture. They emphasize a strong commitment to communication with each customer to provide the perfect design solution for each project. Equally comfortable in contemporary or traditionally inspired settings, they strive to orient design sensitively to the client, through synergy with the living environment.

Bill Hall - Elizabeth, Colorado

One piece carving from burls is my specialty. I maintain the integrity of the wood while creating a one of a kind carved sculpture. Some pieces have been published in the Chip Chat carving magazine as winners in show competition. Division wins and Carvers Choice awards have been achieved. I use hard woods such as maple in most of my pieces but mytrle is a favorite as well.

Walker WoodWorks

Walker WoodWorks is based in Leadville, CO. The business is built on classic techniques like dovetail, and mortise and tenon joinery and a commitment to the customer. They specialize in furniture, but their business has expanded to include cabinets and custom wood fabrication Earl Walker says: “if you can think it up, I can build it.”

Martin Appenzeller - Gus

Gus writes:
I failed miserably at my first woodworking project in high school shop class and subsequently confined my creative outlets of my youth to sculpture and jewelry fabrication. It wasn't until a coworker took me under his wing and showed me the wonders of furniture making in 1995 that I lost the my phobia of the right angle. I've had my own shop since 2001 and try to include curves and rounded edges in my work. The beautiful figured wood purchased from CS woods compliments my style. As a full time pathologist and father of a 4 year old time in the wood shop is limited. Luckily woodworking projects wait without complaint.

Walnut Street Woodworks - Denver, Colorado

Walnut Street Woodworks is a Denver based builder of custom wood furniture and built-in cabinetry. They focus on specialty designs and customer involvement in their design process.

Brice Hoskin

Sledmaker Brice Hoskin combines craftsmanship, woodworking and art in his unique sleds. Hoskin’s lifelong love of sledding led to the creation of Mountain Boy Sledworks, a company devoted to the creation of hand-crafted sleds that are not only functional but so much fun to use that they make grown-ups feel like children.

Tom Larkin
Westcliffe, Colorado

Tom lives in Westcliffe. He is classically trained in woodworking, and has 35 years of experience. His work is defined by a master's use of hand tools, solid construction, and attention to detail and color.